Drop Shipping

The jewelry industry is becoming lucrative in global business, and presently, it is estimated to be well over $ 70 billion and has been one of the top 5 niches in the past years.

Worth noting is the fact that it is receiving massive growth, which is why any seller who wants a significant increase should venture in it. The top jewelry markets for luxurious jewelry are in the United States, China, and Europe.

Drop shipping is the easiest way to start your own jewelry business especially if you don’t have extra storage space or extra money to buy a lot of different types of jewelry.


Jewelry doesn’t require much shipping space since most of them are small dimensionally and a piece has negligible weight. Therefore using shipping options such as air can be manageable in terms of cost.


Sizing gives jewelry drop shipping advantage over clothing and other accessories such as shoes and belts. That is because a customer does not have to fit every piece of jewel to determine whether it fits. Consequently, the quantities of goods which can be returned because they are ill-fitting are considerably lower.


There is a vast selection of unique jewelry available for a wide range of prices. A seller can offer more jewelry choices for customers whenever there is a new market opportunity. As a result, many impulse buyers can be attracted.

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